Essential Integrations offers a variety of services to meet your automation needs; to take you from concepts through commissioning and beyond.

With a vast array of experience, we have the tools to complete your project. Check out our services below to help you meet your goals.


Our history of experience in industry means that we can provide valuable input and considerations to help prevent oversight during the initial phases of a project, therefore keeping the project on schedule and on budget.


Whether it’s a common platform such as Rockwell Automation or Wonderware, or a custom developed application, we have the skills to solve your problem and provide an optimal user experience.

Data Collection

We can provide data collection solutions as simple as an automated CSV export or a more detailed collection engine with dashboard and charts.


From the raw material to the finished product, we will help provide the mechanisms to track every step of the process. 


Things happen and downtime costs money, so we’re here to get you back into production as quick as possible.